Creating Community For All

          Prince George's Community Resources (PGCR), currently a parish ministry with the goal of becoming a private, non-profit organization, believes that the community is enriched when we promote the full inclusion of every person into every aspect of community life.

A primary goal of PGCR is to connect our members with existing services but we also seek to offer innovative programs, events and social opportunities for our members. These opportunities promote healthy lifestyles, friendships, self-awareness and personal-development.

PGCR has been created to serve the entire Prince George's county area. We plan to extend our borders to the entire community. To succeed we will need the support of the community. We hope that we can count on you to become a PGCR member.

PGCR is actively seeking partnerships with county business, service providers and other agencies to provide what is truly wanted and needed..."Community For All".

Be part of our growing community. 


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